Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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What do you think of this issue's features: Deliciously Vintage; Candice Dow; and Nadine Mansour?

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Fashion & Beauty

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Have you opened your own business during the recession? What are your thoughts on the economy and it's affect on small businesses?

Are you interested in modeling? Like our featured model? Let us know at models@glossmagazineonline.com!

Entertainment - Jan/Feb 2010

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Entertainment section of this issue of GMO.

What do you think of Ayona?

What about the female rapper Pretty P?

Do you think Kaisor Sosa could be the next big thing in music and film?


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-Have you already begun working on your credit score? What are some of your tips?

-What do you think of the article on Crystal Jones? What are you doing in your community for the youth?

Health & Fitness

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-Are you living your most healthy life? What are some of your healthy lifestyle tips?

-Have you tried Pole Dancing? Is is really a good form of exercise? Would you try it at home?

Lifestyle - Jan/Feb 2010

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-Are you a single, successful, black woman? Why do you think you're single? Is it even an issue for you?

- Are you happily married and under the age of 25? Tell us your story!

News - Jan/Feb 2010

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- Where were you when Y2k hit?

- Do you think we still need to celebrate Black History Month?

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Creative Writings

Have a comment on the poem by the GMO Publisher? What about a poem of your own on relationships and love? Post it here!