Thursday, August 6, 2009

Music Review: Jeremih

By Brittany Rodgers

Chicago's newcomer Jeremih, also known as "Mr. Birthday Sex," recently dropped his self-titled debut album on his new label, Def Jam. Mike Schultz, who has been on this journey with Jeremih, produced his entire album.

Jeremih opened his album with "That Body." It's one of the sexier songs on the album, similar to "Birthday Sex," which plays right after. "Raindrops" is also a pretty sexy song with a nice tempo.

The album shows versatility with songs like "Runway," a pop song which will work well for fashion shows. Jeremih also put his song " My Ride" on the album which was played on the radio even before his single "Birthday Sex." The song explains how a girl might not like him, but likes what she sees on his "ride," his car.

Jeremih latest single "Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)," shows his cockiness in a good way about being a star, but it is also a club banger, right along with "Jumpin," whose beat is similar to the Soulja Boy song "Donk."

On the album, Jeremih shows his romantic side with "Starting All Over" and "My Sunshine." The two songs are romantic and show his vocal skills.

"Break Up to Make Up" and "Buh-Bye" are two songs dealing with relationship problems. Jeremih expresses how he can spoil his girlfriend, but he will also leave her if she doesn't act right.

The majority of the album are spin-offs of records done by other artists, like his song titled "Hatin on Me." The song is directed to Jeremih haters, similar to the song "Hi Hater" by rapper Maino.

Jeremih ends his album with an up-tempo club mix version of his hit song "Birthday Sex."

For a fresh, young newcomer, overall the album is pretty descent. Hopefully he keeps up the good work!