Thursday, November 19, 2009

Amerie's New Album "In Love & War"

By Lealeah Livingston

When Amerie’s new CD “In Love & War” was released on Nov.3, my best friend and I rushed to my nearest Target to buy it, hoping to be one of the first hundred to get it. When we got back to my house that evening, I poured us a glass of wine and popped Amerie into my laptop, ready to hear her distinct talents come through the speakers.

“Tell Me You Love Me” opened with a full blast of trumpets and percussion, accompanied by Amerie’s boastful voice demanding for someone to tell her he loves her. I can honestly say I didn’t expect for a full funk band to be playing when I hit the play button. It definitely wasn’t one of my favorites, but I did enjoy “Paint Me Over.” She sang about being accepted by her lover for who she is instead of what he was trying to change her to be. “Pretty Brown Eyes” took me back to the 90s! She remixed the song originally done by “Mint Condition” with an added bonus of featuring the all-too-sexy Trey Songz. A few other fav’s are “Why R U the One,” “Dear John” and “Different People.”

The CD has a 50/50 split between its ‘good’ and ‘ok’ songs. I was really expecting more hits from “In Love & War” since it had gotten pushed back a few times. I sensed that it would be an album where I would really have to listen to it for all the songs to grow on me. After uploading it and listening to it more often, I really started to enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pink Party Chicago--Breast Cancer Awareness Event

By Samantha Battle

Love Yourself First, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer and cardiovascular disease in African American women, hosted its second annual Pink Party Chicago fundraiser benefiting the Breast Cancer Network of Strength – Illinois in October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Kristi Dawson is president of the organization; this year’s host was Bionce Foxx from WGCI, along with celebrity guest Monique Stateena from America’s Next Top Model cycle seven. There was also a musical guest by the name of Antonio.

“When I found out what this event was for, I was just adamant about being here and celebrating for breast cancer,” Foxx said. “Cancer awareness in general is something that people should really be informed of, particularly in the African American community, and I’m sure everybody has been touched in one way or another by this disease.”

With the theme of breast cancer, the party was filled with pink everywhere. There were pink breast cancer ribbons the guest wore, pink table cloths, and many guests wore pink outfits in honor of the event. This was an event that everyone felt close and connected to.

“I decided to come and support this because it’s a good cause, and I think [breast cancer] awareness should be spread,” Stateena said.

The success Dawson has had with her organization also inspired Stateena to form her own foundation that caters to independent children and battered women. She started it in Los Angeles and soon hopes to expand it and make it international.

Breast awareness is something that shouldn’t be considered just in the month of October; it is to be recognized year round and Dawson is making sure of it that it is.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Welcome to the November/December GMO Blog!

It's your turn to let us know what you think of the new issue of GlossMagazineOnline! Have you read the new novel by Hill Harper or have thoughts on Naughty By Nature's "comeback?" How will the recession affect your holiday shopping and are you thinking about saving for retirement yet?

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Creative Writings

What are thoughts on this issue's powerful Creative Pieces: "My Other Mother" and "In Their Own Words?"

Are you or someone you know adopted?

Have you or a loved one been affected by HIV?

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Global Mixx Music Conference

This year, the 5th Annual Global Mixx (GMIXX) Music Retreat held its yearly conference in Chicago Oct. 2 – 4. With its theme “Back II Basics,” the retreat honored some of the most influential music and marketing professionals in the business. GMO was there to catch the performances and panel discussions and we even got a couple interviews out of it!

Did you read about Global Mixx founder Mary Datcher? Are you inspired to start your own company or maybe attend the conference next year as an artist or music industry professional?

Enjoy a few additional images from the conference and then post your thoughts and stories of success here.

Not My Hair

GMO Staff Writer Stormi shared her personal story about her hair journey.

We know how black women are with our hair, what is your story?

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Holiday Recipes

GMO Staff shared a recipe for "Blind Dates."

What holiday recipes do you have to share? Share them here!

Women And Finances

This month, GMO had three articles focused on finances: "Black Women and Spending: Controlling Your Pocketbook;" "Hold the Reins This Holiday Season: Control Your Own Spending;" and "Start Saving for Your Retirement."

GMO Staff even shared how they feel the "recession" will affect their holiday shopping.

What are your thoughts on spending in general and during the holidays, and have you thought about saving for retirement yet?

Twenties Girl

Have you read Sophie Kinsella’s latest novel, Twenties Girl?

Does it measure up to Confessions of a Shopaholic?

We've heard GMO Staff writer Priya's review, give us yours here!

Old School Verses New School

What did you think of the interviews with 90's hip-hop stars Naughty By Nature and with new kid Naledge of Kidz In The Hall?

Do you think Naughty By Nature can make a "comeback" and can Kidz in The Hall break the mainstream?

What about other "underground" hip-hop groups out there? Who should GMO pay attention to and possibly profile in the next issue? Let us know here.

Author Interviews: Teri Woods & Jae Pettigrew

Have you read Teri's book, Alibi or Jae's collection of poetry Through Her Eyes?

Are you interested in publishing your own novel or creative works -- or have you done so and have tips to offer other writers?

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A “Conversation” with Hill Harper

Have you read the new book by author/scholar/actor Hill Harper: The Conversation: How Black Men and Women Can Build Loving, Trusting Relationships?

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